20 Low-Calorie Foods That Are Surprisingly Filling


One of the biggest challenges for anybody looking to shed a few pounds is cutting back on their calorie intake. Oftentimes, the “healthy” options leave us feeling just as hungry before eating, creating an even bigger problem of overeating. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-calorie options that make our tummies feeling full without the guilt of indulging. Here are 20 healthy, low-cal foods that’ll fill you right up.


1. Oats


Oats are a great choice to begin your commitment to losing weight. Not only do oats carry very few calories but their high protein and fiber content keep us full for longer. Just a single 40-gram serving (roughly half a cup) can prevent the afternoon munchies. Be sure that you get the healthy variety, not the sweetened oatmeal marketed to children. In fact, don’t even give those sugar bombs to your kids.


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