World’s Richest Celebrities Revealed! how Much Your Favorite Celebrities Really Worth Will Surprise You



OJ Simpson – $3 Million

OJ Simpson has had a very good career playing football in the NFL, being the first player that managed to rush 2000 yards in only one season. His career was going quite well, until it ended prematurely due to off-field issues. 

OJ was always known as a fighter and right now he is enjoying his time in the film industry, while in the meantime also earning some money by signing memorabilia. It’s also worth noting that his wealth also comes from a pension kitty that he has, courtesy of the NFL, with a value of approximately $5 million. We can safely say that OJ, can live his life without any financial cares for many years.

Clint Eastwood – $375 Million

Before becoming the icon that he is today as a director, Clint Eastwook was already known internationally for his acting. Unforgiven back in the 90s and Million Dollar Baby in more recent times, showed the world that Eastwood was a bonafide director as well, and not just an actor. With a lengthy career that spans over decades, it is easy to understand that his pockets run very deep. With an incredible net worth of approximately $375-million, and irreplaceable knowledge when it comes to making movies, he has the luxury of making any movie that he wants without even having to take a loan.