30 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30



When we’re young, we like to think we’re invincible. For the athletically inclined among us, we play endless sports at intense levels. Our bodies can also consume excessive amounts of calories. But even as we get to be as old as thirty, our bodies begin to change. While these changes may be different for men and women, nonetheless, they mean our skin isn’t perhaps as soft as it once was, and metabolism and testosterone levels (especially for men) start a downward spiral.

If we truly desire to maintain the same level of health and fitness we had in our childhood, youth and 20s, it’s important to change the way we eat. The following are thirty foods you’d do well to avoid eating after the age of thirty. Whether high in fat, sodium or sugar, they won’t do your waistline any favors.

Flavoured Yogurt


One thing many of us notice once we get into our 30s is that our skin starts to change. Collagen production declines, which causes elastin to break down. By the way, elastin is the protein that keeps skin firm. Bottom line: flavored yogurts are packed with sugar, something your skin doesn’t need.


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