When you step inside the tiny home of this old lady, you’ll want to move in too!



Once you see the inside of the tiny 27-square-meter home of this 87-year-old lady, you’ll want to move in immediately!

Come and check out the stunning beauty of this 87-year-old woman’s tiny house in the woods! The now 87-year-old woman, Margareth, who lives here in the woods in this teeny house today, built and decorated it 53 years ago. You shouldn’t be mistaken by the home’s tiny size; the interior is so warm and inviting that it looks like a picture-perfect cozy mountain retreat from a brochure. Read on and see for yourself the appeal of this “tiny house” by looking at all the pictures. You will immediately fall in love with its coziness and warmth. Could you picture yourself residing in a tiny home, let alone at the age of 87 years?

It’s just 27 m²

People frequently dream of having large, open homes with many rooms and plenty of space. The fact that so many people have fallen in love with this tiny house is, therefore, surprising. A “tiny house” in the middle of a forest with only 27 m2 may not seem like much at first.

Once you step inside, though, it becomes obvious upon closer examination that this tiny house has been decorated with not just coziness and warmth in mind, but also plenty of love. Check out these amazing images of both the interior and exterior, and decide for yourself the appeal of this tiny house, or should we say, rather than taking our word for it.