World’s Richest Celebrities Revealed! how Much Your Favorite Celebrities Really Worth Will Surprise You


Elton John – $500 Million

Another music megastar with a limitless fortune is Elton John. This indisputably gifted singer/composer, who hails all the way from the UK, began crafting music almost 50 years ago. Widely recognized as the most successful solo artist in music history, Elton has sold a whopping 300 million records thus far, but he is certainly best known for his record-breaking single from 1997 Candle in the Wind. In addition to singing and touring, he has been contributing to his massive net worth of $500 million by designing music for films and also through lending his music on Broadway. Regardless of the disheartening truth that he has stepped into his early 70’s and more than well off, Elton John doesn’t seem to be ready for retirement just yet.


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