Celeb Kids All Grown up – What They Look Like Today Will Leave You Speechless


Raising an offspring is one of the most thrilling and demanding aspects of one’s life. While it’s always a challenge on our own, celebrities have an extra burden of doing it in the spotlight! We’ve seen many healthy and happy celebrity children, but they often escape the center of attention the minute they are bestowed with a chance to or just unearth their own way to become an achiever in life. With many traits and downsides to growing up as a celebrity, we’ve also witnessed many of those kids consciously preferring to step away from the spotlight and others blooming as great stars like their parents. We’ve hand-picked an inventory of the cutest of celebrity kids, all grown up.

Leni – Heidi Klum’s Eldest Child

Image result for Leni and Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has admitted in a recent interview that her 15-year-old firstborn wants to imitate her footsteps and end up as a model. She said that Leni is automatically attracted to the fashion world and is keen on becoming just like her mother. It all started the day Leni asked Heidi to scoot over so she could lend a hand in her mother’s work. Heidi’s friend, Tim, has fondly shared that all of Heidi’s brood is exceptionally well behaved and Leni is no different.


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